Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Plant Industry & Conservation Division

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What we do

The Division of Plant Industry and Conservation is responsible for ensuring consumers of disease free and pest free plants, grains, and seeds, as well as properly labeled agricultural commodities, and the safe application of pesticides and farm chemicals.

The Conservation Programs within the Division work to sustain Utah’s agricultural lands and protect the state's natural resources. A watershed wide approach is used to solve resource issues and develop conservation projects and provide funding options from multiple state and federal programs. There are few organizations in the state that rival the work that is done in the division.

One program of particular note is the Utah Grazing Improvement Program (UGIP)(GIP), which is broadbased and focuses on rangeland resource health. Its mission is to “improve the productivity and sustainability of our rangelands and watersheds.”
Its goals are:
• Strengthen Utah’s Livestock Industry
• Improve Rural Economies
• Enhance the Environment


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