Fruits & Vegetables Grading

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USDA AMS Fresh Produce Audit Verification Program

Shipping Point - Fruit

Packages, 19 lb. or less, per package $0.020
20 to 29 lb. package, per package $0.025
Over 29 lb. package, per package $0.030
Bulk load, per cwt. $0.045


Shipping Point - Vegetables

Potatoes, per cwt. $0.060
Onions, per cwt. $0.065
Cucurbita family includes: watermelon, muskmelon, squash (summer, fall, and winter), pumpkin, gourd and others per cwt. $0.050


Shipping Point - Other vegetables

Less than 60 lb. package, per package $0.035
Over 60 lb. package, per package


Phytosanitary Inspection, per inspection/State and Federal $50.00
With grade certificate $15.00
Per inspection/Federal fees/without PCIT $16.00
Minimum charge per commodity for mixed loads (less than or equal to $45.00 per mixed load) $28.00
Minimum charge per certificate for one commodity (except regular rate at continuous grading facilities) $28.00
Minimum charge per commodity for mixed loads (not to exceed $45.00 per mixed load) $28.00
Hourly charge for inspection of raw products at processing plants $28.00
Hourly charge for inspectors' time more than 40 hours per week (overtime), plus regular fees $42.00
Hourly charge for major holidays and Sundays (four-hour minimum), plus regular fees $42.00
Holidays include: New Year's Day; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving Day; Christmas Day
All inspections shall include mileage which will be charged according to the current mileage rate of the State of Utah
Export Compliance Agreements $50.00