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Outreach Resources for Noxious Weed Control Efforts

 The following documents will help you create a strategic outreach component to your noxious weed control efforts. Whether you are trying to recruit funding or implementation partners, increase general awareness, or get specific groups to take specific actions, strategic planning of your outreach efforts will increase your chances of success.


Weed Identification Pages


L&W Ranch-S.Wiseman (435-387-2633) PO Box 218, Milford: alfalfa hay, wheat straw, hay 

Dalton Farms, Inc. (435-387-5466) 6800 S Hwy 129, Milford: alfalfa hay 

James Farm, Inc. (435-387-5006) 6192 S Hwy 129, Milford: alfalfa hay



David John 7120 W 6800 N Tremonton: wheat straw (435-257-7246)

Harold Selman4130 W 11400 NTremonton: alfalfa hay (435-257-7201)

Layne Jensen7015 N 6800 WTremontonalfalfa hay (435-452-8665)

Bud Theurer6180 W 8000 NElwoodalfalfa hay (not listed)

Bob Roche  11380 W 10400 NTremontonwheat straw435-452-1446

Marlon Bingham7478 N 3600 WHoneyvillealfalfa hay435-452-2003

Brian Anderson7550 N 6000 WElwoodwheat straw435-279-7642

Ken Firth3569 W 1000 NTremontonwheat straw435-452-8210

Lynn Summers9580 N 10800 WTremontonwheat straw435-230-0031

Shawn Nicholas506 N 2300 WTremontonwheat/barley straw435-279-0085

Roger Munns9720 N 5200 WTremontonwheat straw435-279-4026

Scott Stevens1930 E Main StTremontonalfalfa hay435-279-4310



Jeff Kunzler3244 W 3000 NBensonalfalfa hay 435-512-3791

Paul Parker65 N 500 E Hyrumalfalfa hay435-770-6630

Robert Radtke7270 S 2050 ESouth Webergrass hay801-660-0876

Craig Poppleton1648 W 6400 SHyrumgrass hay/alf hay435-760-2915

Sid Bodrero2712 N 230 ENorth Logangrass/clover mix435-757-6227

Michael Bouck6030 N 2400 WAmalgaTimothy grass hay435-881-2058

Dennis Thornley607 S Main StSmithfield alfalfa/grass hay mx435-232-1167

Brook Skidmore344 W Main St Richmond wheat straw435-881-1254

Sherry Belew411 W 200 NLogan grass hay 435-232-3242

Brian Lundahl380 E 100 SProvidencegrass hay435-881-0608

Kip Panter5841 N 1200 WSmithfieldalfalfa, grass hay435-757-6424

Spackman Bros. 290 S 200 WRichmondwheat straw435-770-1800



Bar F, LLC 760 S Fairgrounds RdPricealfalfa hay435-636-5267

Tama Gordon2397 N Carbonville RdHelperalfalfa hay435-637-0769

Clark Thayn689 W 760 NPricealfalfa hay435-820-4522



Floyd BriggsPO Box 128Manilaalfalfa435-790-9408



Cash FisherHC 65 Box 38Altonahalfalfa/grass435-790-6381



Crockett Dumas        PO Box 470Escalante1st alfalfa/orch435-826-4899

Melanie Boone-ReznickPO Box 301Escalante1st alfalfa/orch435-826-4346

Fullmer Angus RanchPO Box 164Panguitch1st alf/orch/brome435-616-4674



Bosshardt Farms 1466 W 2450 N Beryl alfalfa hay 4-way mix hay 435-691-7009

John Brown 1880 W Center St Beryl wheat straw, alf 4-way mix hay 435-691-0210

Laub Feeding & Cubing 4016 N Beryl Hwy Beryl alfalfa hay 435-439-5531

Colin Bowler C&L Farms PO Box 184 Enterprise alfalfa hay 435-691-7009



Bailey Farms Intl/Sugarv. 5626 N 3000 W Delta alfalfa 435-864-1826

Bailey Farms PO Box 694 Ephraim alfalfa 435-283-5776

Jack Anderson 865 W 4500 S Delta 2nd alfalfa 435-864-8830

KS Commodities 1055 N 3900 W Fillmore wheat straw 435-701-1276

Mark Peterson 70 S 3000 W Delta 2nd alfalfa 435-406-9422

Jared Buhler 498 W Main St Delta wheat straw 435-864-7000

IFA Delta 498 W Main St Delta 3rd alfalfa 435-864-7000





Dee's Dairy Inc.1845 S Morgan Vly Dr.Morgangra/alf/barley hay801-829-6523

Steven Allen295 Hardscrabble Road Morganalfalfa hay801-510-1152



Kenneth GilbertPO Box 113Mantialfalfa/orchard435-283-9422

Todd GreenePO Box 145Fairviewbrome/hay/orch435-469-0080

Mickel BrothersPO Box 211Spring City2nd alfalfa435-469-0345

Olsen Agri-LivestockPO Box 152Ft.Greenalfalfa435-445-3439

Jarvis SorensenPO Box 835Gunnisonalfalfa435-528-3162

David Nuttall31355 N 11500 E RR1 Box 186 Fairview2nd alfalfa435-469-0821

Kevin Stallings780 S 500 WMt. Pleasant2nd alfalfa435-469-0142

Perry SorensenPO Box 220048Centerfield2nd alfalfa435-528-3385



Kim Peterson235 S Central Blvd.Central Valleyalfalfa435-896-4237

Leon ChristensenPO Box 38Richfieldalfalfa801-560-3531

Mike RobertsPO Box 81Sigurdalfalfa435-896-4805

Hartwell FarmsPO Box 23Monroe2nd alfalfa435-201-0424

Hal Parsons400 S 458 EMonroe2nd alfalfa435-527-4677



Bruce Haymore6176 Rocky RidgePeolagrass hay435-783-5392

Frank Young6116 Rocky RidgePeolagrass hay435-783-3666

Kelly Clegg2141 N 450 WKamasgrass/clover/alf801-301-2713



Matt Vowles241 N 630 ETooelealfalfa801-819-6052



Geremy Hunt952 E 3500 SVernalalfalfa/grass435-781-1951

Rick YoungRt 4 Box 4688Rooseveltalfalfa hay801-854-8546

Gene Gurr663 E 500 NVernalalfalfa/grass435-789-1505

Cody Jenkins3415 W 1500 NVernalalfalfa/grass/hay435-789-4397

Marsha OleenHC 66 Box 51Uintahgrass hay435-353-4314

Geremy Hunt952 E 3500 SVernalalfalfa435-781-1951

Green Pasture Intl.PO Box 160 Jensenbarley straw435-781-2662

Thackers Dairy Aire, Inc.PO Box 281Jensenbarley straw435-790-3450

Duane E DahlPO Box 188LaPointalfalfa hay435-790-5050



Chris Johnson7943 N 9150 WLehihay801-910-7162

Mark Barney389 S 200 ESpanish Forkgrass hay801-362-0442

Greg Price7094 S 3600 WBenjaminalfalfa801-376-4295

Steve Dewey39 Professional Way #3Paysongrass hay801-376-3174

Gary Larsen7553 S 1400 WSpanish Forkalfalfa801-319-7057

Jud Harward1988 W Center StSpringvillealfalfa/grass/hay801-489-9412

Shane Jensen2135 W 6400 SLakeshorealfalfa hay801-310-1561

Steve Shepard808 S 1550 WSpanish Forkalfalfa 801-367-2721

Scott Beckstrom7716 S 3800 WSpanish Forkalfalfa hay801-376-2939

Aaron Evans11898 W Lehi Fairfield RdSaratoga Springshay435-469-0030

Dale Cornaby5381 S 3200 WSpanish Forkstraw, alfalfa hay801-372-2435

Andy Crosby4589 W 5600 SLakeshorealfalfa801-830-1284

Clark Palfryman2135 Springoaks Dr.Springvillealfalfa hay801-372-1277



B. D. Waterman3203 S 600 EHeber Citygrass/clover435-654-5795

Bob ProbstPO Box 266Midwayhay435-671-0386




Bryan L. Adams1042 S Red River RdWashingtonalfalfa hay435-467-5002

Scott Cottam475 W Lounsbury CrWashingtonalfalfa435-680-3276

Bracken FarmsPO Box 250Enterprise2nd alfalfa haynot listed



Nancy BrownPO Box 48Teasdalealfalfa/grass435-425-3174

Alton ChappellPO Box 1512Lyman2nd alfalfa435-836-2736

Nancy BrownPO Box 48Teasdale2nd alf/grass435-425-3174



Dale Christensen5721 S 5500 WHooper alfalfa hay801-985-0539

John Russell5938 S 5900 WHooperalfalfa hay801-698-5024 

Eugene Bailey3908 N 3300 ELibertyalfalfa hay801-745-6639

Cody Pearson6210 W 5800 SHooperalfalfa hay801-814-6654

Richard Alvord5066 W 2550 SOgdenoat straw801-388-0118


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Fertilizer Program Manager
(435) 755-1578

Below you will find the tonnage reporting forms. Utah requires a tonnage report be filed biannually. These tonnage reports, with a tonnage assessment of 35 cents per ton, are due two months after the last day in the reporting period. There is a $20.00 minimum filing fee. If we do not receive your tonnage report by the due date there will be a $25.00 late fee.

Reporting Periods:

  •     January 1st to June 30th: Tonnage Report due by August 31st
  •     July 1st to December 31st: Tonnage Report due by February 28th


Methods of Tonnage Reporting:

  1. Manually. Enter the information in the Fertilizer Tonnage Report Forms to report your tonnage. Print forms and submit forms and payment. 
  2. Electronically. Please contact our MAIN OFFICE at 801-538-7100 to take credit card payment by phone. Submit tonnage reporting data to UDAF via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have any questions regarding the tonnage reports or the minimum fee, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at (435) 755-1578 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at (801) 538-7181.

Please use the Fertilizer Tonnage Report Forms to submit your tonnage assessments.


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