Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Historic picture of horse-drawn combine sending wheat into grain wagon.

With roots dating to 1921, the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food is one of the State's oldest agencies. It oversees dozens of legislatively mandated programs that promote the healthy growth of Utah agriculture, the conservation of our natural resources and the protection of our food supply. Two important programs are the Utah Grazing Improvement Program and the Invasive Weeds Mitigation Program. Both work to improve the health of our rangelands and watersheds.

In the area of food safety, the Department inspects the state’s 4,000 retail stores and the many food processing plants for food quality and safety and correct item pricing.

The Department’s Utah’s Own Program works to reconnect consumers with their food supply and promotes the benefits of Utah’s locally grown and processed foods which represent 15 percent of Utah’s economy. The Department also protects animal health and the state’s $1 billion livestock industry, as well as guards against invasive insects.


Andy Pierucci - Division Director
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What we do

The Division of Marketing and Economic Development plays a vital role in the Department’s mission to “Promote the healthy growth of Utah agriculture, conserve our natural resources and protect our food supply.” The Division Staff is committed to create economic success for agriculture, rural Utah and the food industry.

The staff includes Director Andy Pierucci, Laurie Seron Utah's Own Director, Jack Wilbur and Doug Perry, Public Information Officers, Ryan Mortenson, Rural Marketing Specialist, and Nina Mendoza, Utah's Own Marketing Specialist. The objectives of the Division are to raise the awareness of Utah agriculture and food products; and enhance local, domestic and international marketing opportunities.

Division goals include increased profitability for agriculture and related businesses; and, fostering a vibrant, healthy rural and state economy.

The Division is responsible for the successful and popular Utah's Own Program.

The Division also manages USDA's Specialty Crop Block Grant for Utah. Learn More.



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What we do

The Division of Plant Industry and Conservation is responsible for ensuring consumers of disease free and pest free plants, grains, and seeds, as well as properly labeled agricultural commodities, and the safe application of pesticides and farm chemicals.

The Conservation Programs within the Division work to sustain Utah’s agricultural lands and protect the state's natural resources. A watershed wide approach is used to solve resource issues and develop conservation projects and provide funding options from multiple state and federal programs. There are few organizations in the state that rival the work that is done in the division.

One program of particular note is the Utah Grazing Improvement Program (UGIP)(GIP), which is broadbased and focuses on rangeland resource health. Its mission is to “improve the productivity and sustainability of our rangelands and watersheds.”
Its goals are:
• Strengthen Utah’s Livestock Industry
• Improve Rural Economies
• Enhance the Environment


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Watch a short video about some of the programs of the Plant Industry Division:

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What we do

The Division of Regulatory Services has regulatory oversight of products in the areas of food, weights and measures, dairy and bedding, upholstered furniture and quilted clothing. Our staff prides itself in professional and sound services to ensure wholesome, clean and uniform products throughout the state. In this new era of security we are dedicated to providing helpful information and trained professionals to be constantly vigilant in the safety of our food supplies.


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What We Do

The Animal Industry Division of the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food has six main programs:

1) Animal Health – Focuses on prevention and control of animal diseases, with special attention to diseases that can be transmitted to humans.
2) Meat and Poultry Inspection — Assure wholesome products for consumers.
3) Livestock Inspection (brand registration and inspection) — Offer protection to the livestock industry through law enforcement.
4) Fish Health — Protecting fish health in the state and addressing concerns of fish food production and processing.
5) Elk Farming and Elk Hunting Parks – Regulating this domestic livestock industry with an emphasis on protecting Utah's wild elk population.
6) Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories - Disease diagnosis and surveillance.

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