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Commissioner LuAnn Adams


Commissioner LuAnn Adams

LuAnn Adams was appointed commissioner of the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) in 2014. Recognized for her ability to organize and collaborate, she is resourceful, trustworthy, and self-motivated. She maintains a constructive rapport with regulators, stakeholders, and the public, and takes on a ‘can-do’ attitude when pioneering innovative projects.  Overall, she is passionate for preserving and protecting the healthy growth of agriculture, food safety and economic development of agri-businesses.

Prior to her UDAF appointment, Commissioner Adams served as a Box Elder County Commissioner and is noted for creating the state’s first county-adopted Sage Grouse Protection Plan. The plan was helpful in preventing the bird from being listed among federal Threatened and Endangered Species and protecting agricultural economic interests. She also initiated a $2.5 million improvement project for the Box Elder County Fairgrounds to help increase tourism and local revenue, and compiled a Box Elder County historical photo book that sold more than 5,000 copies and generated revenue for county preservation projects. 

She has served on numerous boards and committees over the years, including:


Before her service on the Box Elder County Commission, Adams served for 15 years as Box Elder County Recorder/Clerk/Surveyor - making her the only known person in Utah county government history to have had oversight of four distinct elected offices.

Adams was born in Pocatello, Idaho.  Her family moved to Wells, Nevada where she fell in love with ranching and declared she wanted to spend her life living and working around livestock; and she did. Commissioner Adams, her husband Bob, five children, and 14 grandchildren continue to live in Box Elder County where the family operates a cattle ranch and dry farm. 

She loves horseback riding and working with family members out on their ranch.  She also enjoys buggy rides with her husband, and cooking and planning numerous family gatherings. While attending Wells High School, Commissioner Adams enjoyed barrel racing and pole bending, and she has an Associate’s Degree from LDS Business College in Salt Lake City. 

About UDAF

With roots dating to 1921, the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) is one of the oldest State agencies and oversees dozens of legislatively mandated programs that promote the healthy growth of Utah agriculture, conserve our natural resources and protect our food supply. One important program is the Utah Grazing Improvement Program, which works to improve

Utah rangeland and watersheds. In the area of food safety, the Department inspects the State's 4,000 retail outlets and food processing plants for food quality and safety and correct item pricing. The Department's Utah's Own program works to reconnect consumers with their food supply and promotes the benefits of Utah's locally grown and processed foods (which represent 15 percent of Utah's economy). The Department also protects animal health and the State's $1 billion livestock industry as well as guards against invasive plant and insect species.


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  Scott Ericson
Deputy Commissioner

The Deputy Commissioner is responsible for and coordinates all of the daily Department activities and works with each division on their program budgets  and goals. The position coordinates the Utah Horse Racing Commission, and is the Treasurer for the Agriculture in the Classroom Program, promulgator of all Department Administrative Rules and collector of predator assessment head tax. The Deputy Commissioner serves on the Utah Dairy Commission and Utah Dairyman's Association as an ex-officio member. The Deputy Commissioner also oversees and coordinates the Department's SUCCESS Program that is an outcome-based measure of our performance.





 Kathleen Mathews
Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant organizes and schedules the many appointments and meetings for Commissioner LuAnn Adams. Kathleen is the official recording secretary for the Agriculture Advisory Board, the Utah Horse Racing Commission and the Animal Damage Prevention Board. Kathleen also assists Deputy Commissioner, Scott Ericson in coordinating the daily department activities.







Melissa Ure
Policy Analyst

The Policy Analyst reviews new and existing regulations while helping shape new department policies and programs.  Melissa's current efforts focus on federal environmental regulations and their affect on Utah agriculture as well as provisions of the FDA's Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Melissa holds a JD from the University of South Dakota. Melissa also coordinates the Utah Agricultural Mediation Program and serves as the Department's hearing officer.







 Updated: January 29. 2019