Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Ag Affiliates, Committees & Boards

Utah Agricultural Affiliated Organizations


UDAF Committees and Boards

  • Agricultural and Wildlife Damage Prevention Board
  • Agricultural Advisory Board
  • Apple Marketing Board
  • Egg Marketing Board
  • Elk Advisory Council
  • Fish Health Policy Board
  • Fruit Insect Decision and Action Committee
  • Grasshopper/Mormon Cricket Decision and Action Committee
  • Gypsy Moth Decision and Action Committee
  • Japanese Beetle Decision and Action Committee
  • Livestock Brand Board
  • Livestock Market Committee
  • Pest Control Compact Board
  • Pesticide Committee
  • Red Tart Cherry Marketing Board
  • Sheep Marketing Board
  • State Weed Committee
  • Sweet Cherry Marketing Board
  • State Grazing Advisory Board
  • Turkey Marketing Board
  • Utah Beef Council
  • Utah Dairy Commission
  • Utah Horse Racing Commission
  • Utah Conservation Commission
  • Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Advisory Board